Tapioca Starch
Tapioca Starch comes with a neutral and bland taste; hence it is used in cooking in both sweet and salty dishes. This gluten-free starch never changes the flavor, color or texture of cuisines.
Maize Starch
We are the prominent provider of a large ambit of hygienically made Maize Starch. They are used as a common food ingredient and also utilized in soups and sauces to make their texture thicker.
Modified Starch
Pure, natural and safe to use Modified Starch is provided for thickening instant desserts, pizza, cheese sauce granules, etc. It is provided in 100% pure form without any preservative.
Dextrin Powder
Dextrin Powder finds extensive application in the domain of emulsions, adhesives and firecrackers. It comes with easy solubility, low viscosity and excellent binding qualities.
Pasting Powder
Pasting Gum Powder is developed using raw or cooked starch with cold water and caustic solution. It is ideal to be used in the manufacturing process of corrugated boxes.
Carboxymethyl Starch
With the help of progressive methods, we are marketing in a wide range of Carboxymethyl Starch. They serve the needs of various industrial applications in an effective and efficient manner.
Maize Poultry Feed is provided in 100% natural and pure form to ensure to provide maximum nutrients to the poultry.We are the major presenter of a wide radius of Maize Poultry Feed in the global market place. They are used in poultry farms to feed chickens and providing them the essential nutrient.
Tapioca Waste
Tapioca Waste is available without any adulteration to provide the best results when it is used as animal feed. We are introducing a widespread range of Tapioca Waste in the domestic and overseas market. They are widely utilized for feeding cattle and the paste derived from them are used for processing several pasting applications.
Corn Fiber
Corn Fiber is widely used in a variety of beverages, food, condiments such as candy, jams, sauces, frozen foods, soups, salad dressings, etc.