Paper Grade Starch

Modified Starch is also known as starch derivatives. It is made by treating native starch physically, enzymatically, or chemically for changing its properties. This is widely used in different starch applications like in food products as a thickening agent, in pharmaceuticals as a disintegrant, etc. in addition to this; it is also used as stabilizer or emulsifier or binder in coated paper. This starch comes with excellent stability against excessive heat, cooling, acid, shear, time, or freezing. It also comes with increased visco-stability.Modified Starches, also called as starch derivatives, is made by physically, chemically and enzymatically, for attaining different physical properties. Useful in all starch applications, these function as the great thickening agents, emulsifiers and stabilizers in pharmaceuticals. Useful as stabilizers, emulsifiers, food additives, texturizers, food thickeners & many commercial foods, these aid to make jams, canned foods, confections, baked goods, sauces, ice creams etc. Modified Starches are modified for an enhanced performance in various applications. Also, the oxidized, spray, cationic and other forms of Modified Starches are used to boost the stability against shear, time, cooling, extreme heat, acid, or freezing. These are used to boost the texture as well as increase & decrease the viscosity of many materials.