Tapioca Starch

Tapioca Starch is sourced from the roots of the cassava plant. It is widely used as a thickener, baking flour, etc. In addition to this, it is also used in different cuisines of Asia especially in Thai recipes. It is also, this is boiled as well as flavored with spices to make it ideal to be eaten as a side dish. It is gluten and wheat free that makes it a perfect option for people, who have intolerances to gluten. This is used for making pies, flat breads and snacks like chips and wafers, soups, puddings and gravies. Tapioca Starch is offered with food-grade and native forms. It can condense the gravies, puddings, soups, pie fillings and sauces. Used in both sweet as well as spicy dishes, this culinary thickener has virtues of its own. It can be thickened at lower temperature so that the fruit pies are less probable to bubble over and have moist crusts. It makes a quick action and functions as a good choice for correcting the too-thin sauce. Offered with a neutral flavor, Tapioca Starch gives sauces a glossy and exquisitely clear appearance. It can be freeze better and thus works as the best thickener for pies as well as pastries. Tapioca Starch can be added to dough, burgers and nuggets to provide texture as well as moisture content.

Tapioca Native Starch

  • Pack Size:50 Kgs
  • Grade Standard:Technical Grade
  • Pack Type:Poly proplyene Bags
  • Starch Type:Tapioca Flour, Sago Palm Starch Sweet Potato Starch
  • Form:Powder
  • Color:White
  • Purity:99.00%
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day