Tapioca Waste

Tapioca Waste is also known as cassava pomace. It is a by-product sourced during the manufacturing of starch from tapioca roots. The cassava roots yield similar amounts of starch and pomace having less feed value than the cassava root meal. This is available to be used as animal feed owing to its high nutritive values. It has 8-12% CP and energy with TDN 60-65%. In addition to this, this also contains hydrocyanic acid (HCN), therefore it can be provided after HCN testing. Tapioca Starch is known as a by-product used during the production of starch from tapioca roots. It provides equal amounts of pomace and starch, and can be included in the rations for cattle. This is a good source of energy that contains hydrocyanic acid and is used in many countries as the starchy raw materials. Offered with different granular structures, this can be used as flour for baking as well as the high quality thickener. Tapioca Starch is widely used in Asian as well as Thai recipes. In India, this starch is used after boiling as well as flavoring with spices. Offered gluten free starch is an appropriate option for people who have gluten intolerances. The range has starch in wet and dry forms.