Pasting Powder

Pasting Powder is widely used in the process of Corrugated Box manufacturing. This is ideal for enhancing the strength, durability and sturdiness of the boxes. High quality raw material used in the manufacturing of Pasting Gum Powder. In addition to this, appropriate heating process also plays a major role for this compound. Hence, the heating process changes from high to moderate for sustaining the viscosity. This powder is provided in two different grades according to the exact demands of the clients. Pasting Powders are used for the production of Corrugated Box Manufacturing. These are recommended to use for the production of corrugated boxes to attain the finer strength of boxes. These are offered with high PH value and ensure fast production as well as reduction in production cost. The powders are made from raw starch as well as cooked starch and can be added to boost the strength of boxes. Pasting Powders can lessen the higher operating cost and can complete the production work in just a small period of time. Offered with high PH value, these corrugation, hot pasting and cold pasting powders have very long shelf life, the consistent texture and the ability to be blended with other materials.

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Pasting Gum Powder

Product Details :

  • Appearance : Off White, Free Flowing Powder
  • pH of 10% slurry : 8-11
  • Moisture : 10 Max %
  • Viscosity in B4 Cup : 28 - 32 sec

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    Cold Pasting Powder

    Product Details :

    • Moisture : 10.0% max
    • pH of 10% slurry : 8-11
    • Viscosity in B 4 Cup : 28 - 32 sec
    • Solids : 15% min

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      Corrugation Gum Powder

      Product Details :

      • Ash : 5.0% max
      • pH of 10% slurry : 8-11
      • Viscosity in B 4 Cup : 15 -18 sec
      • Solids : 10% min