Corn Gluten

We provide Maize Poultry Feed that includes Maize Gluten and Maize Germ. Maize is a rich source of energy; hence it is one of the best feed ingredients for meat and egg laying birds. This is provided in 1005 natural and pure form with no adulteration using chemicals, preservatives, etc. It is properly cleaned before offering to the clients to ensure no dust, dirt or other mixture of low-grade materials. This is available in high-quality and food-grade packaging materials to ensure to keep the shelf-life intact for a longer period of time. Maize Poultry Feed is highest in energy in comparison to all the grains. Good for feeding chickens, it can be easily digested and is low in fiber. Offered with 6.0 Max % fibre and 7.0% max crude fibre, the yellow seeds can also be used in other ways after crushing such as Cornstarch, Kitty litter, Maize Flour, Corn syrup and Maize mazes. It is routinely used in commercial poultry foods as it has good amount of energy content and is simple to digest. Maize Poultry Feed also has protein that can be added to certain recipes, such as pancakes and bread. Maize Poultry Feed can also be cooked to make polenta or gravels. This is known as a good substitute to flour for people who have a celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.